m∠FEG = 58, m∠HEG = 122 ____ 30. Name an angle supplementary to ∠EOD. a. ∠BOC b. ∠BOE c. ∠DOC d.

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5. ASTU, if ASTU AKLM,KL = 12, LM = 31, MIC = 32, and US = 28 Use the given . In parallelogram ABCD, M ZA = x+ 20 and m_C=6x–50. 28. Which set of numbers could not represent the lengths of the sides of a right triangle? If triangle LMN were drawn, which side would be the longest, when m

ray MO bisects ∠LMN, m∠LMO=6x-20 and m∠NMO=2x+36. Solve for x and find m∠ LMN The diagram is not to scale.

If that is the case, then there is a solution for x. But there is no angle LNO in that case.

Mo bisects lmn m lmn 6x-28

58. 1 and 2 are a linear pair. m 1 = x - 30, and m 2 = x + 76. Find the Ray MO bisects angle LMN, measure of angle LMN equals 6x - 28, measure of angle LMO equals x + 32. Find measure of angle NMO? Mo bisects lmn m lmn 6x-28 m lmo x+34. find m.

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= -. 15 21, m NMO x. ∠. = +63. m LMN. ∠ . O. L. M 6x – 6. Assume B is the midpoint of and D is the midpoint of.
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Answers (1) One of the primary difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is. MO → bisects ∠LMN, m∠LMO =6x −22, and m∠NMO =2x +34. Solve for x and find m∠LMN. The diagram is not to scale. 9.

If alternate exterior angles are congruent, then // lines. 29. If consecutive Which of these shows the image of triangle LMN after a 180° rotation about Bisect: Segment Bisector: THE MIDPOINT FORMULA. If A ( x1, y1) and B ( x2 MO. →. bisects ∠LMN, m∠LMO = 8x − 23, and m∠NMO = 2x + 37.
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But there is no angle LNO in that case. Line MO bisects angle LMN, m angle LMN = 5x - 28, m angle LMO = x + 31. Find m angle NMO. Get the answers you need, now! Mo bisects